Mie Kuning Kokiku
Mie Kuning Kokiku
Mie Kuning Kokiku
Dry Noodles with Premium Quality. Kokiku yellow egg noodles are produced with selected raw materials so as to produce noodles that are chewy on the tongue, curly texture is easier to absorb seasonings, economical and practical packaging suitable for consumption with family. Kokiku curly noodles are very good for making fried or boiled noodles and are also suitable for mixing meatballs or other dishes. suitable for restaurants, cafes, seblak, cuanki, snacks, bakso noodle trade, rice / fried noodle / soup noodle trade - suitable for noodle raw materials.
Packing Size:
  • 20 x 160gr
  • 30 x 100gr
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